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The following images depict various Gunsight (and other) images captured by the author , or in which the author appears !


Mirage III0 guns tracking F5E


                                                       Guns "Fly Through" or "Snap Shot" Mirage IIIO v Mirage IIIO


                                     Guns shot Mirage IIIO v 9G F16A. This is not a tracking shot but a "Slow Fly Through"

                  Just how close can you go! .....270 feet Gulp !!  Guns out of plane min range Fly Through, Mirage IIIO v Mirage IIIO


                  Preening the Turkey   Guns Mir IIIO V F14A



                                                         Good morning to the Captain on the bridge. Mirage IIIO v HMAS Swan


                   The author on the receiving end !,  Photographer :  LeRat.      Mirage IIID v FA18


                Shipstrike Mirage IIIO V HMAS Perth      Guns                      20degree HD Bomb pass                       Guns


                                                                            FOX 2  AIM9B Sidewinder in Flight


                                             The French lady A3-12. This aeroplane in fact just after receiving a wing from A3-13


                                                                               The French Ladys Office.   Mirage IIIO

                                                                                                The troops Salute the enemy

                                                                                                        3Sqn RAAF, Butterworth

                                                             3Sqn RAAF, Butterworth Me leading in A3-87 Photoshoot for French magazine Air Fan (Image Alain Crosnier)

                                                 FCI Course Grad immediately post Dawn Strike. From L to R:

                                                 Brian Durieu "Harvs",Sean Trestrail "TTail",Dick Hiser "Dick" Barry Kelly "Kels",Jim Barden "Buzz"

                                                 The reward worn with pride ... This was the hardest and most rewarding Aviation course/qualification I have ever done !

                                                                    Flying the RAAF's first single seat Hornet A21-1 about 3days old inbound to Sale after dropping 2 x MK84's on the Dutson range

                                                                    MK84 2000Lb Bomb about to go on its way. 20 deg pass 500KCAS

                                                                     Air to Air Refueling  RAAF F/A-18 and RNZAF A4K

                                                                       Through the HUD RAAF F/A-18 and RNZAF A4K


                                                                       High speed Low level

                                                                           Off to create some noise and mischief !

                                                     Hi level cruise somewhere over NSW bound for Edinburgh

                                                                                                Cruising in the blue

     Last RAAF and F18 Flight ... Off to QANTAS ... QF Junior Jet club wings already in place :)

    Age shall not weary them .. the next life Big Jets

B767 IGS .........Kai Tak (The old Hong Kong)



                                                     Formula 1 Grand Prix Melbourne 2010 Leading the Roulettes ...Roulette 1 the lead, first one in to check out Vortices near the A380

                                                     Formula 1 Grand Prix Melbourne 2010 ..."All in .... were off then"

                                                     Formula 1 Grand Prix Melbourne 2010 ... Leading the Roulettes (RAAF Offical image)

             Formula 1 Grand Prix Melbourne 2010 ... Leading The Roulettes Over the Dias +-0 Seconds :) Timed to coincide with the last bar of the National Anthem

             Dangerous stuff this ----------- too many bloody QFI's close to me !! :)

                                                     Middle of the night over "Somewherestan" on the way to London from Singapore

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