28th May - Toyota 18rg related documents

Over the years of surfing the net i have found various documents relating to the 18rg and its variants. I will link the best of what i have here.

EPC Diagrams for 18R-GEU

Autoshop101 is a great place for toyota documents.

18R-GEU ECU Pinouts

18R-GEU Wiring

6th May 2005 - Electronic Dizzy Conversion

well i have successfully converted my 18r dizzy to use the magnetic pickup out of the 21r dizzy. I have also locked the vacuum advance and mechanical advance. The signal goes into the jaycar high energy ignition where it is conditioned, then it heads back of to the megaquirt to be used for a fixed trigger at about 60 degrees BTDC, the megasquirt generates the spark pulse which goes back into the jaycar box (modified slightly to use the megasquirt signal) this box handles the dwell and fires the sparks.
It seems to be running great. no glitches up to 7000rpm.

Ok now for some photos of the 18rg and 18r dizzy as promised:

Firstly the 21r magnetic trigger system wont fit easily in the 18rg dizzy which i have. Here you can see both 18rg and 18r dizzies that i have.(18rg on the left)

Inside both dizzies (look how the points and their moutning is different)
Inside the 18rg dizzy
Inside the 18r dizzy

The 18r dizzy with 21r internals (another one)


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