Andrew and Dianne Correll became included in the Yacca Industry at a time when there was great concern about the continuation of the industry due to lack of management and exploitation.

"We personally were looking to develop a second form of income to support our existing farm enterprise. The Yacca Industry was the perfect interest for us as we could develop it while remaining on farm, this was a vast improvement after several years of working as Field Processors away from our farm and dealing with trying to run the farm and travel to the mainland for supporting income."

"In 1993 we began creating an export business which started with the export of a full container of Coarse Yacca Gum to Europe. This was followed by a lot of promotional activity, the development of a processing plant which has been an ongoing process over the years. We also took a business trip to the UK and Europe to learn more about the market potential and product state which allowed us to return and build on that knowledge."

"Prior to 1993 prices overseas had risen to extroadinarily high levels and through our involvement over approx 9 years Yacca Gum prices have been at a more realistic level,ensuring a continued market."

"It is important to note that there is not a mainland based middleman. We are the only Island based operator to handle Yacca Gum from harvesting the locally grown product, through to the processing of that product, and to exporting worldwide from our Island based property."

"Consequently,we became the first producers of Fine Powder Yacca Gum in South Australia and continue to be the ONLY successful,harvest/processor/exporter of Yacca Gum."

"As well as being the voice for all Industry related issues,by supporting us you are truly supporting the cultivation of the Yacca Industry."

Diane Correll
July 2002.