Our involvement in Management of the Yacca Industry

The Yacca Industry Management Association[YIMA] was formed in 1994 and became an Incorporated body in July 1994.

At this time, there was a lot of concern from the relevent Governing bodies overseeing the exporting of Yacca from South Australia, namely Environment Australia who is the Controlling Organisation/Department for all native fauna in Australia, and local Sate Authority,The Department of Environment and Natural Resources SA.

Both organisations were concerned about the exploitation, harvesting quantities and
techniques and any illegal activities related to the exporting of Yacca. YIMA was formed out of a need to address these concerns and maintain the due processes which allow the continuation of the exporting of Yacca Gum.

As Secretary and Public Officer of YIMA since its inception, Dianne has been involved and seen the entire process of becoming an Association. Her involvment has included preparation and completion of the Industry Management Plan which has included liaison with all relevant and interested persons and organisations.

To continue exporting beyond 30/6/97,YIMA had to formulate and install a working inventory of Yacca stocks available for harvest as per Yacca Industry Management Plan.

The Export Declaration Facility from 30/6/97 to September 30th 2000.

On the 1/9/00 an application for the continuation of the Export Declaration of Controlled Specimens, was completed by YIMA and resulted in approval to export for a further 3 years, this Declaration is currently in place from 30/6/00 to 30/9/2003.

In order for the renewal beyond 30/9/2003 to be approved YIMA must develop a revised Management Plan to satisfy Environment Australia regarding the industry's management.

For any information regarding the industry, please contact Di Correll on + 61 8 8559 3261 phone/fax or email at yakilo @ kin.net.au.

Please note that the Senior Ranger assisting YIMA with field inspections and Inventory updates is now Roger Collins ph.8559 7235 Dept forEnvironment and Heritage/K.I. West End, National Parks and Wildlife South Australia.

Until this time application for Letter of no Objection was applied to the South Australian National Parks and Wildlife Dept in Adelaide, who had no experience with the local Yacca situation and were not in a position to deal with local issues as well as The Department based at Flinders Chase / KI,West End

Consequently the application process was transferred to Kangaroo Island National parks who have continued to lias and assist YIMA on all matters relating to Yacca Harvesting / Exports .

Both Andrew and Dianne are on the Executive of YIMA which has a Committee currently consisting of 5 Industry related personnel. Honary Members include a representative of Dept of Environment and Heritage, KI Branch and KI Economic Development Board.

As well as maintenance and updating of Management Plan and Inventory processes it is also responsible to the organisation to provide quarterly export data to the Director of the Wildlife Protection Authority/Environment Australia.