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Welcome to my website!

The purpose of my site is to pass on family stories and history.

Following recent deaths in the family, and through my work as an RN with aged care, I am feeling more and more the importance of passing on our heritage and stories to future generations before it is lost.

And the stories are told only with the help of my many cousins, near and far: Zillah, Nancy, Rhonda, Judith, Barry, Martin, Marissa, and others.

My family lays claim to many tough but noble women who have struggled with incredible adversity and difficult times, whether it be widowhood from a young age with many children, or as partners in pioneer farming, in nursing, or as a survivor of the stolen generation. And the women continue to this day to be incredible people, some continuing to struggle with major life challenges.

The men are pretty amazing too!

So, feel welcome to look through this site at your leisure, and do come back from time to time, as I am updating it constantly.

Maree Worthington

<Grandma Wilson, (aka Nurse Mary Hellen Penney)

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My family tree

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My family tree [Ancestry.com.au]

Family resemblances and interesting relations

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Fred Wilson and his descendants

The Tamworth Hospital and other matters

Trumpington history: William Wilsons father worked as a shepherd and later as a country roadman.

The building and farming family of the Wilsons of Tamworth

The Penneys of Scotland



Mary Hellen Penney

The Russ Family

From Uralla to Gibb River Station

Of Boabs and Bulls

Honour Russ: a Tamworth Matriarch

Fred Russ and his people of Gibb River Station (Western Australia)

The Allens

From Cromwells Ironsides to dairyfarms and doctors

Meet the Allens

The Bennett connection

John Bennett and family

Embezzler to Landscape Artist

Bennett Family Information

Henry & Susanna Kable

From humble beginnings.....

Cry at their tribulations.....and with joy at their victories!

Henry & Susanna Kable

Various Kingsmill documents


Palmer, Kingsmill, Abbott Pedigree: From Charlemagne

By Rev. Thomas Kingsmill Abbott

Thomas Kingsmill Abbott (1829-1913) was an Irish scholar and educator. He was born at Dublin and was educated at Trinity, where he afterward occupied the chair of moral philosophy (1867-72), of biblical Greek (1875-88), and of Hebrew (1879-1900).

Held at the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland [PRONI]:

Formno: 4709

Repository:  Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast

Main reference:  T/2220/1-2

Century:  19th

Description: Pedigrees of the Palmer, Kingsmill and Abbott families, England and Ireland, 742-c1700.

 The date of compilation is not noted.


*n.b. This is a large file and may take a while to download if you have a slow connection speed.


Royal Descent of Kingsmill

By Rev. Thomas Kingsmill Abbott



Extracts from The Kingsmill Records

by Walter Cook Kingsmill

A Word Document, from the book held at the Society of Genealogists in London.



Chronicles of the Kingsmill’s


A partial transcription



Descendants of Richard Kingsmill

With my corrections of errors per  the “William Worth” pedigree


The Kingsmills: from Sydmonton, to Ireland, to Australia

Gentrified convict to Bailiff of Maitland and his descendants





If anybody has any information or would like to inform me of any errors or additions to the website, please let me know!

This website is a work in progress and constantly being updated.


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My mothers side:



Victor Claude WILSON

B: 12/8/1898 Moonbi NSW

M: 11/4/1923

D: 25/5/1956 Kootingal NSW

William Martin WILSON

B: 20/6/1870 Moonbi NSW

M: 27/4/1892

D: 10/9/1912 Tamworth NSW

Frederick WILSON

B: 8/4/1837 Trumpington Cambridgeshire England


D: 19/4/1918 Drummoyne NSW


B: 1802 Trumpington Cambridgeshire England

M: 11/5/1827 Trumpington Cambridgeshire England

D: 22/1/1883 Trumpington Cambridgeshire England

Ellen WEBB

B: 1805 Trumpington Cambridgeshire England

D: 16/10/1878 Trumpington Cambridgeshire England

Esther JUDD

B: 2/7/1843 Essex England

D: 13/9/1909 Drummoyne NSW Australia

Daniel JUDD

B: c 1819 England

D: c 1902 Tamworth NSW Australia


B: c1818 England

D: c1907 Tamworth NSW Australia

Ada Bertha CHAFFEY

B: 3/5/1872 Tamworth NSW

D: 18/7/1972 Chatswood NSW


B: 15/3/1835 Tintinhull Somerset England

M: 19/1/1857

D: 28/12/1917 Tintinhull NSW Australia


B: c 1804 ?Martock Somerset England

M: 29/7/1826 Tintinhull Somerset England

D: c1841 Tintinhull Somerset England

Honour RUSS

B: 30/3/1806 Tintinhull Somerset England

D: c1887 Tamworth NSW

Elizabeth Hannah PALMER

B: 19/6/1838 Gately Hampshire England

D: 17/9/1882 Tamworth NSW Australia



Mary Hellen PENNEY

B: 18/9/1893 Newcastle NSW

D: 3/1/1986 Tamworth NSW

Peter Kirk PENNEY

B: 30/5/1857 Linktown Fifeshire Scotland

M: 6/5/1885 Australia

D: 9/9/1918 Waratah NSW Australia

Alexander PENNEY

B: 11/4/1825 Kinross Scotland

M: 1/6/1850

D: ? / Scotland



Janet DOW

B: ? / Scotland

D: ? / Scotland



Helena Letitia ALLEN

B: 27/3/1861 AAC Dungog NSW

D: 20/11/1925 Waratah NSW

James Kennedy ALLEN

B: c. 1827 Mayo Ireland

M: 10/9/1850

D: c. 1880 NSW Australia


B: c 1798 Tubbercurry County Sligo Ireland

D: 8/4/1871 Drayton Darling Downs Qld

Catherine Victoria KENNEDY

B: c 1806 'Dooballagh' Ireland

D: 20/6/1848 Tuam County Galway Ireland

Sophia Letitia KINGSMILL

B: 28/9/1827 Sydney NSW

D: 5/3/1874 East Maitland NSW


B: c 1794 County Mayo Ireland

M: 8/8/1825 Sydney NSW Australia

D: 7/7/1869 East Maitland NSW Australia


B: c 1799 ?England ? Ireland

D: 18/5/1828 Sydney NSW Australia

My fathers side:


John (Jack) William WORTHINGTON

James Lawrence WORTHINGTON


B: 8/5/1810 Toxteth Liverpool England

M: 28/6/1847 Sydney NSW Australia

D: 21/3/1862 Gladesville Sydney NSW Australia

Margaret O'SHEA

B: 18/7/1817 Ireland

D: c1892 Sydney NSW Australia

Eliza PAGE



Eliza McCullen GODKIN







Amy Lavinia ARNOLD


Augustus ARNOLD

? Augustus ARNOLD





Emily LOWE

Anna Lavinia NEATH