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My Jewellery Work

(unfortunatley way out of date... ill put some photos of more recent work up very soon... i promise!

My most recent exhibition was last year, as part of SALA Week in South Australia...


Here's a link to my photos on flickr
- probably the most up to date way of seeing what ive been up to.

And here is my first Book!


Finally, here are some recordings of me playing. I recorded these in one of the bunkers at Middle Head - but next time i'll choose one without quite so much reverb...
Hon Shirabe 01-03-07
Koku 01-03-07
Shingetsu 01-03-07

Hon Shirabe (bare bones version) 22-03-07

Ive also recently come back from *another* 3 months in Japan studying Shakuhachi... heres a link to my blog from that time - 3 Months in Japan

Here's a short sound sculpture I did for a project called "A Deck of Sounds" a little while ago


Earthcore, November 2004

Warehouse Party - 23rd October 2004 - Jonny's Warehouse, Camperdown NSW

Rainbow Serpent Festival, January 2005, near Beaufort, VIC

New Years Parties

New Years Eve, 2004 - Cape Otway, VIC

New Years Eve, 2003 - Camp Canobolas, near Orange, NSW

Thing In The Park

Saturday 16th May, 2004 - Jubilee Park, Glebe, NSW - Shabnam's Birthday

Sunday 27th June, 2004 - Jubilee Park, Glebe, NSW - Lila's Birthday

Sunday 22nd November, 2004 - Primrose Park, Cammeray, NSW

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For those interested in building their own system, or just interested, I'll be putting up details of the Electro Dental Sound System
Which is my home built battery powered system that provides the tunes at Thing in the Park.
At the moment, theres just some pictures of various parts of the system.


Twirling at Earthcore, November 2004, Goulburn River, VIC

Other Stuff

Here is where I live. A lovely bit of warehouse space in Surry Hills, Sydney. I share with a couple, Matt, who is a commercial artist and Georgia, who is a physio.
We have separate spaces, but share a common living area with kitchen and bathroom.

Something silly - a new music format!
and here is my own first effort
and here is another one...
a bit of a time waster, but its certanly taught me how to format lists in html! :)