Welcome to Keith's New Home Page: First Here are a few photos

Me at a Demonstration in 1985

Photo of me at Inter-American graduation, 1986
Me at graduation from Inter-American Magnet (1986)

Tahra (my wife) and Sammy Sosa in January 1994

Me with Hillary Clinton, who will someday be president!

  Me visiting Scotland in March 1997


 Me, my mom and stepfather, January, 1998

  Me and my sweets at our engagement party, January 1998

                                  Me and My sweets going to England, March 1999

Me and my sweets with Nobel Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in May 1999

My sister Whitney at birth  

Mom, Zachary and  Whitney,  July  1999 

Zach and Whit
Zach and Whit in December 2002 (wow how they've grown!)

My Sweets and I get Married, December 31, 1999

My sweets and I in Egypt, January 2000

My sweets and me in Greece, January 2000

Me and Tahra 2002
Me and Tahra in modern times (November 2002)

        Welcome to the home page of

               Keith Mandell

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 Me, My Friends and my Family


Inter-American Magnet School Page

Lincoln Park High School Page

 Chicago Stuff










Me, My Family and My Friends

A Little about Me!

Check out my pictures from My engagement party (January 1998)

 Me proposing to my sweetsMe and my sweets dancing!Sharing a kissIsn't my sweets beautiful!

My Politics

I'm a Cubs Fan, a Progressive Democrat, a historian, law school student, attorney and once ran for mayor of Columbia, Missouri.

I support a  lower voting age !

I oppose the thief of the White House, Mister Bush, and support President Gore!

My Ancestry

My mom's family came from the south, and my dad's came from eastern Europe.
Check out this picture of my great-grandfather Marion Chandler. Was he Native American?

My Creative World:  JBC

JBC is a fictional world I developed back in about 1979.  JBC is a television network for kids, but it is so much more: it includes politics, sports, crime, drama and adventure.  

For an brief introduction to JBC read JBC for Dummies. (Not yet available will be by 1/1/03)

For a more indepth look read A Brief History of JBC, Warning it's long! (About 105 pages)

"Hello Tahra! This is my Web Page. I hope you like it. I am planning links to a lot of great sites." A quote from my first web page on gwis.edu in 1995.


General Sports

 ESPN Sportszone (The first and still one of the best)

 Chicago Tribune Sports Update (Sports with a Chicago perspective)

 Chicago Sun-Times Sports Update (The other Chicago Paper)



Skilton's Baseball Links (Truly comprehensive)

Complete Chicago Sports Coverage Page

Instant Baseball (Scores and comprehensive statistics)


 Unofficial Cubs Home Page -Go SAMMY and the Cubbies!  2003 is their year!

 Chicago Tribune Cubs Extra

 The Ryne Sandberg Page

 CUBS Current Stats!

 White Sox Official Home Page -Poor Sox! 2002 does not look like their year. But they do have the Big Hurt!

 Chicago Runners Official Home Page : A JBC Baseball team,  the 1st Season 1987 World Series Champs. Read about the team of John Jodions and Jane Cortinson, James Crittington, and Barbara Mitton and even Jane Cortin and Kathy Johnson for a time. They had a bad season in 2002, but are ready for 2003!

 Sorry That's it for the teams. I root for several other teams, but it's only the Cubs and the Sox, and of course the Runners, as far as I am concerned.


 Da Bears -2002 is their year! They can make the playoffs again!

 Northwestern Wildcats!

 Sorry, No Chicago Kickers page yet. But it should be up and running soon.

Chicago Stuff

Chicago Weather

 Chicago Public Schools Web Page

My Chicago Schools

Robert Morris/Inter-American (1977-1986)

 Lincoln Park High School (1986-1990)

 Northwestern University (1990-1994)



Nando News

CNN News

My Virtual Paper

USA Today

Chicago Area

 Chicago Tribune

 Chicago SunTimes

 The Daily Northwestern - Root for those Cats!

Columbia Area

  Columbia Tribune

  Columbia Missourian


September 27, 2002-- As the usuperous Bush continues to occupy the White House, it's time to get active and make sure President Gore gets reelected in two years!

What ever your age, get out there and campaign, and fight for your rights (peacefully of course!)

 Here are some sites to help the politically apathetic get back into the campaign mode

Political News Sites

 Don't trust Bush supporting CNN, MSNBC, Fox or the broadcast networks!  Get your news from a greater variety of sources.  Learn the facts, then make your decision!

 BushWatch Learn the truth about the man who stole the White House!  


General Indexes and Guides

Cyndi's Genealogy List (Over 100,000 Sites! The place to go for any genealogical info!)

 Ancestry.Com Lots of cool stuff, but you have to subscribe for much of it.

 Geneanet, an impressive general index

 Gendex- over 12 million names searchable

Genealogy Home Page

Roots-L Homepage

Roots L Searchable Archive


 Maps on Us - An awesome site that gives you maps and directions to just about anywhere.

 Tiger Map Server (awesome, will make you a map of anywhere, census statistics included!)

My Surnames Homepages

 Boaz Family

 Spruill Family

 Fancher Family

My Genealogy

 Mandell Family

 Chandler Family

 Gardner family

 Weir Family

 Wilson Family


History Sites you should see

 African-American History index(Excellent! Check here first)

 The African-American Mosaic

Women's History research on the Net

 The 1980's (A popular history look back at that interesting decade). Yes the Cubs did win the division in '84 and '89, but two Republican regimes messed up the land!

Original Documents

 Early American Documents

Photographs and multimedia sources

 The American Memory (Incredible- Search for old photos, recordings, documents even movies! Phenomenal!)


Learn at last about the first kids network in America, the first network that actually let kids vote for its executives. Here are a few sites to check out if you want to learn more about JBC history, sports, programs and culture!

 Read A Brief History of JBC (Warning it's not too brief!) It contains the stories of Jodions, Cosely, Decoben, Ribbions, Orteniez and Rottleton and the great (and terrible) leaders of JBC history

 Learn about the JBC Supreme Court by reading some of its most influential cases. Including the landmark cases of Matenraz v. Oten and Coronton v. Cotin (the landmark case that gave kids the right to vote for JBC political offices)

 Check out my JBC Page, it has links to several JBC sites



 Internet Movie Database (Search titles, actors even characters)

 All Movie Guide


 Star Wars Official Site



 Tardis TV Archives


 AVIMall Episode Duide

 Cult TV Episode Guide



 Mystery Science Theater 3000

 Saturday Night Live


 Roots The greatest mini-series ever. 1997 marks the 20th anniversary of its debut.

The Simpsons

 The Simpson's

 The Simpson's Archives

 Fox's Official Site



Comprehensive stats index

World Population

 Historical estimate of World's Populations

United States Population

 World Stats!

 1990 US Census Lookup

Income and Poverty

 Census info

 White House Briefing Room

Labor Statistics

 Real Hourly Wages: Check out the real state of the economy.

 Bureau of Labor Statistics

Feel Free to e-mail me at: [email protected]