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Well, here you are at the home page of Darren D. otherwise known as Darren City. Please enjoy your stay.

Coming Soon - A new look for DarrenCity, and a new and expanded LinkLand featuring even more great links and special pages for special interests !!!

This web-site was put together as part of a school project in a Web Design course series I took in 2001; and I just kept it going!!!

Be Sure to check out the new Eileen's Coke Chicken Recipe Page, where I have put up the famous recipe of my mom's that people keep asking for.

Also check out my LinkLand page, as it has some great links to great sites. I try to update it often. If you have recommendations for additions to LinkLand, please email me!

Send me your feedback about the look and content of the site.

darren playing the kit at Murph's Irish Pub, at a Humboldt gig, June  2001 goes to a pic of this 86 FXR pictured here, since it's new RevTech 88 Inch Engine has been installed

To see some pics of my old 86 FXR and the changes it went through before I sold it, click on the links below.

Click here for a pic of the 86 FXR as it looks presently. "Burly Bars" handlebars, mustang controls, Pro-One billet grips. Also, shortened sissy bar. Pic taken Sept 06 Delmarva Bike Week, Fenwick, DE/Ocean City, MD.

Click here for a pic of the 86 FXR right after I put the ThunderHeader 2 to 1 per formance exhaust system on it. Pic taken at Myrtle Beach Bike Week 03.

Click here for a pic of my 86 FXR when it was first assembled with the new RevTech 88 Inch engine, and had standard straight drag pipes. (at WildWood Bike Week, Sept 2002)

Click here for a pic of the new RevTech 88 inch engine in the crate when I rec’d it. Sooo pretty!!

Click here for a pic of my 86 FXR when it was all stripped down. July 2002.

Click here and Here for a pic of my first H-D, a 1982 XLH Sportster 1000 Ironhead, 25th Anniversary Commemorative Model. I sold this bike Jun 08.

More pics to come soon.

All kindsa other crap being added all the time !!!


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