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Most everyone seems to be learning Perl just to do CGIs or to scan text files a la AWK. It seems to me that there ought to be more people writing open source applications in perl/Tk. How many times have I gotten an app that does almost what I want but doesn't put its output in the right format? ... or if it only could sort by date instead of alpha? ... or if it was only in Korean instead of English? You get the idea.   Perl/Tk is ideal since perl is easy to modify and Tk provides a complete set of features for us GUI addicts.

Anyway, this site has some code or links to some useful Perl/Tk non-CGI applications. Use these as is or as examples to write your own. Send comments or contributions to small[email protected]m.

-- Steve 
Smallpond Computing of Framingham, Mass.

Make sure that in addition to the standard Perl distribution, you have the Perl Tk toolkit. If you need to get it, use the CPAN PERL function:

perl -MCPAN -e'install Tk;'

Or, here's a link to CPAN. Go to modules by category -> User Interfaces -> Tk. To get the latest debugged code, download, unpack and build:

[ A ]    Tested in AIX 4/5 (need to get Tk from CPAN)
[ B ]    Tested in BSD
[ H ]    Tested in HP/UX
[ L ]    Tested in Linux
[ S ]    Tested in Solaris
[ W ]   Tested in Windows 98 with ActiveState Perl

nsupdate.ptk   [ L ]
Script for managing dynamic DNS. This wrapper for the nsupdate command line program provides a graphical tool for updating a DNS server.
nsupdate.ptk   [ B ]
Script for configuring PPP. A must if you have multiple dial-up accounts. This program was sent by Ĝan Ŭesli Starling
PPP setup   [ A L ]
This map drawing app was suggested by an article in Server/Workstation Expert by Cameron Laird. Maps are available in many formats on the web, and Perl is good at processing the ASCII formats.
not Indiana   [ W L ]
Perl program which takes an image file and creates a PDF suitable for printing on a color printer, using one of the CD label sheets from the included CDlabel module. It requires downloading the PDF modules from CPAN.
Sample CD image
Tkc   [ A L ]
My own contribution to the cause is a file browser similar to the many two-paned file browser tools for the Windows O/S.
Latest version!
less than 2000 lines
Games are a natural for Perl/TK. How about an adventure game where you can change the layout? Or hangman where you can add your own words? Maybe I'm a control freak, but I like the idea of being able to modify the games on my computer. You can't do that when playing a cgi. Here are some links to standalone games. 
Mark Summerfield
tetris, snake and falling tiles
Kugel by Vlatko Primorac. Try the latest version!
a few game scripts
Solitaire   [ L W ]
Greg Bacon's solitaire + Forty Thieves 
Arithmetic [ H L W ]
Felix Lieberman's arithmetic trainer - uses all basic widgets, events and dialogs.
Puzzle [ S L W ]
Sam Loyd's classic "15" puzzle done in Perl/Tk by Kevin Weldon.
WAP - Wireless Application Protocol - is the Next Big Thing on the net (or maybe not ...). Heres a browser written in Perl/Tk to download WAP pages.
WAP - Where's A Phone?
How about a GUI front end for ftp that can be customized for application-specific file transfers? Jamey Cribbs sent this application.
tempcon   [ A L W ]
Temperature Converter utility by Alan Ford.
Who uses Reaumer?
The Dolphin usenet news browser written by Desmond Lee. You need to download a flock of additional modules from CPAN, but its a lot better than tin.
His name is Flipper, Flipper
LVA   [ L ]
Bernd Dulfer of Sistina (the folks who created the GFS shared file system) did the Logical Volume Administrator in Perl Tk. It comes with their LVM product.
Critter   [ L ]
Critter is a spider that searches for text, in fact any regular expression, through a directory tree. Written by Robert Kiesling.
Cruel is the spider

PERL/Tk Links

Perl/Tk Documentation online thanks to ActiveState.
Perl/Tk Tutorial by Lee Minniear and Brett Berry
The Perl Journal Check out the Perl/Tk articles.
comp.lang.perl.Tk or if you don't have access to a news server, try google groups.
Perl Mongers Join a User's Group.
Mastering Perl/Tk by Nancy Walsh and Steve Lidie. Bookpool is much less than B&N or Amazon and (so far as I know) doesn't track what you look at. Also online at O'Reilly, but you should really buy a copy.
The New a community-driven site hosted by Ala Qumsieh.

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