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Well it is time to wrap up 2008 and it was another great year of what passes for "retirement" for the Hupmans.  Over New Year’s we took a 10 day cruise from San Juan, Puerto Rico, through the Panama Canal to Acapulco, Mexico, to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  During our cruise we visited a nature reserve on Aruba, a mud volcano in Columbia, went zip-lining in Costa Rica, visited a cloud forest and an active volcano in Nicaragua, and went sailing in Mexico.
Lynnette at the Panama Canal  Zip-lining in Costa Rica

In February, our granddaughter Shannon received her black belt (and license to kick “booty”) in Tae Kwon Do.
Shannon and friend Becca at Shannon's Black Belt ceremony

In April Lynnette traveled to Texas for her yearly “WAC-Away” week with her National Guard friends.
WAC-Away in Texas

In May, our grandson Matt graduated from the University of Virginia.
Matt with dad Mark

Also in May we traveled to Nebraska for a family wedding and for our new niece Amanda’s baptism.  Amanda was adopted from Russia by Lynnette’s sister Kathy in January and is a most exhilarating addition to our family.
Amanda and her new Godmothers Lynnette and Patty

Lynnette became the president of the Lutheran Women's Missionary Society Board of Directors in 2007.  In June 2008 we traveled to the Marriott Starr Pass Resort in Tucson, Arizona, for the 46th annual LWMS convention, Lynnette's first as president.  Lynnette finishes her 2 year term as president at the June 2009 convention in Denver and Don can’t wait!  During 2008 she made trips for LWMS to Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Virginia,  and Wisconsin.
Lynnette and Don with Lynnette's parents at the LWMS Convention in Tucson

July took us to the British Virgin Islands for a 10 day sailing trip.  Six friends (all new sailors) joined us on Livin’ Wright, a 46-foot sailboat (with only two heads) and we had a great time.
Lynnette and Don with the crew of Livin' Wright in the BVI A few guests gather aboard Livin' Wright

Returning home after our BVI trip we spent 2 days unpacking and repacking our bags before driving to Nebraska for Lynnette’s family reunion in Omaha.  From there we headed to St. Peter, Minnesota, for a music worship conference.
Family reunion in Omaha  Lynnette at St. Peter's Pearly Gates, St. Peter, MN

In August we sailed for a week on the Chesapeake Bay with son Mark, daughter-in-law Michele, granddaughter Shannon, and her friend Zoe on Time For Us, a 43-foot sailboat.
Mark and Shannon at Knapps Narrows

Text Box: Don and 5th grade class
In addition to our BVI sailing trip and our family sailing week, we did a fair amount of other sailing this year.  Don taught sailing again on the Chesapeake Bay for our sailing club this summer.
Sailing club raft-up Labor Day weekend

Don also continues to volunteer at the local elementary school.  This year he helps with 5th grade math and 4th grade science classes several days each week.  In June, Don was honored for his volunteer efforts when he was asked by the school principal to stand up with the 5th grade teachers at the 5th grade graduation.  This was in recognition of his work with the 5th graders in math.  It must have helped some of them as the end-of-year math test scores for the entire 5th grade at Coles Elementary were exceptional!
Don greets graduating 5th graders

During the year we also found time to visit daughter Nell and family here and in New Jersey.
Nell, Ken, Patrick, Luke, and Jude visit the pumpkin patch

We also spent time with son Brian and his wife Riza.  Riza, by the way, became a new U.S. citizen in October and we are all extremely proud of her.  Plus, now that she is a U.S. citizen, she and Brian may, we hope, be able to join us on our 2009 BVI sailing trip.
Riza takes her oath of citizenship

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