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Fight director: Phil Burthem
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Fight director: Phil Burthem

Fight director: Phil Burthem

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Fight director: Phil BurthemPhilip Burthem is a close quarter combat fight master with over 20 years fight experience, and a specialist Production Designer. Based in London, he works in Europe and the Americas for film, broadcast media, documentaries, video, as well as leading fighters in authentic battle reconstruction. He has over 15 years experience designing props and can give detailed historical advice on costume props and weapons. Phil has written and produced music videos and documentaries at high budget level for MTV and network broadcast. This has included building sets in difficult locations and conditions such as Greenland, Africa and the Canadian forest.

A real fighter
Phil Burthem trains in a private fight school twice a week with swords, axes, knives and spears. He uses a variety of methods and is familiar with classical styles such as the I33 manuscript, Talhoffer and Fechtbuk techniques. He has trained countless actors, stuntmen, performers and martial artists. The best Fight Directors are real fighters, men like Will Hobbs and Bob Anderson (a true swordsman and the most successful Fight Director of the 20th century). Phil is Jarl of the International Brotherhood of Jomsvikings, the largest combatant authentic period organisation in the world.

Phil and his Fight Assistants are real fighters, all the routines seek "the truth" and deliver a unique performance that can bridge gaps in shooting schedules when things fall behind. This can help bring out the best in an actor that may not have extensive training as a fighter.

Detailed Knowledge
He has a detailed knowledge of many different periods, as well as access to research on military history, archaeological finds, and a personal passion for military and general history from all eras. Specialist periods of interest are classical, imperial, early medieval, 14/15th Century, Renaissance and 17th Century, the Napoleonic era and World Wars One and Two.

Leading armies of 1000

Phil has experience in the coordination, training and organising of large bodies of troops as extras and enactors. He has consistently coordinated and lead armies of over 1000 warriors. For more information look at the Fight Assistants page.

Providing what you need
Phil supplies props for all period to any quantity or standard. Look at the Props or Location pages for information on the diverse range which includes an authentic medieval fortress, a 14th century galleon, a film ready Land Rover and a combat trained Arabic Stallion.



"A stunning fighter and an inspiration to others, Phil is highly professional and a delight to work with."
Jovan Larenty, Director.