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Hi there, I'm Ruthie! Welcome to my homepage  


Welcome to my Homepage! Hi, I'm Ruth and before I continue,this is about Crossdressing if this offends you then please leave. 

This is a new experience for me, being part of the Internet that is. I want to give some background on why I love to dress as a girl. I also dedicate these pages to the friends who have helped and supported me over the last few years. Without them,I would not look as good as I do now. My friends are very important to me.  In life, there is usually an answer to your problem. Finding it, depends on all manor of circumstances. If you are struggling then it helps to have friends who can offer their support. Confidence to carry you will stand in your favour, if you really want to achieve something badly enough.  Don't give in when the going gets tough as you will only regret it later and by then it may be harder to reach.  When I started dressing properly five years ago, I had a reasonable idea of how to use make-up, and if someone then showed me a photo of how I look now, I'm sure I would have thought it was someone else. So, it makes me glad that I gave this side of me my best shot when I did.                                                                              

As individuals,we all have the right to do as we please, to live our lives as successfully as we can and to have some interest, which helps us escape the pressures of everyday life and makes us happy.  There should be no problems in this simple, yet necessary existence ,as long as we are not doing anything or anyone harm, then we should, technically be free to do what we want, right? Wrong! sadly, for people like us,this is not always possible.  There is always someone who can't handle the fact that some Guys like to wear female clothes.  Most people I have encountered while dressed have been fine and are usually curious about what makes us do it. This is also one of the reasons for me putting this web page together.  You see, I am one of the lucky ones.I have had the freedom to explore my inner urge to dress as a woman, and I also have friends and a social life to compliment my female personality. Sadly for others, this is sometimes very difficult, as they may be in a marriage or in a working environment where they would perhaps be open to ridicule and so live a secret life in fear of being discovered.  For those who are in this situation I offer my support and encouragement to all of them,  including all  Transgendered people, who are trying to find themselves a place in society where they can be free someday, to walk the streets without prejudice and malice.

GO FOR IT !  ENJOY WHO YOU ARE !     lots of love Ruthie xxx



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