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  20 Balboas x 10 sealed & boxed as issued each coin containing 3.8544oz pure silver size 61mm total silver 38.544oz
pan20bx101974bust.jpg (18009 bytes) pan20bx10top.jpg (31666 bytes)

JEWISH  GHETTO  IN  VILNIUS (LITHUANIA)  set of  1, 2, 5, 20, 50, 100 Shalomi - 1943-2003 Commemorative collector Set  of  6 notes matching serial numbers
lithuaniagetto.jpg (38891 bytes) 
USA $2 Bills
1995 Crisp UNC
1.50 each
usa2d1995.jpg (25807 bytes)  
Special issue
2nd Anniversary


Welcome to WorldWide Coins (numismatic.biz)
 We do hope that you may find some coins or banknotes of interest to you on this web site, 
please contact us if you see any numismatic items that your interested in.
WorldWide Coins can no longer evaluate your coin / banknote holdings or collection at present
due to the large volume of emails requesting valuations on numismatic material, how ever if you are a regular
client of ours we will be only to happy in helping you acquire or advise you on your coin and paper money collection.
We specialize in coins & banknotes from 1950 to present day, but also stock large amount of numismatic material
pre 1950.Our stock changes from day to day and quite a few coins & banknotes never get listed on this web site.
So please contact us if you are looking for a certain coin(s) or banknotes(s) it could be in stock.
Overseas orders most welcome.

What's New

   MORE  World coins added plus MORE banknotes
Tokens & Medals page updated with 50 items added
3 British & World Proof , UNC Coin Sets Added
New issue banknotes of Zambia
New Issue Coins Bi-Metal of Slovenia & Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone
500 Leones 2004 Bi-Metal

5000 Francs 1.4.2004

Gorilla on front
Sierra Leone
10000 Leones 4.8.2004
Sierra Leone 10000L newx.jpg (48001 bytes)
10000 Francs
burundi10000francsnew2004.jpg (29200 bytes)
New Issue

Buying coins & banknotes
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please offer them to us.

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Coin Envelopes
2x2 inch Crystal Clear
3.70 per 100 including P&P

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New Polymer 1000 Kwacha
2005 Banknote

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Collectors' Coins Great Britain 2006


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