Welcome To Jason’s Domain


Hi all. As always, updates are few and far between. What’s new after so long? I’ve written a guide to using CDex, a popular GPL’d CD ripper that is free to use. The guide is aimed at beginners and is occasionally updated.

I’ve also added a guide for IRFCAites on using Yahoo! Messenger chat.

You may wish to check out images from my 2001 India Trip. I plan on updating this and moving it to the IRFCA server. More recently, I undertook a two-month trip a few months ago [2004-06-01/08-04] — expect the best of the 2600+ pictures soon.

Have a look at QR’s prima donna, the Tilt Train.

Finally, if you’re gonna e-mail me, I would greatly appreciate it if you encrypt your messages. I use WinPT and GPG. Here is my GPG key.

Which browser should I use?

All pages on this site are authored to XHTML 1.0 Strict or 1.1 and use CSS for formatting. Therefore, you need a browser that properly supports these core web technologies. I recommend the latest stable incarnations of any Gecko-based browser, such as:

Opera is a great browser and is also available as a free-as-in-adware version. They have a remarkably good track record with regard to standards support and is highly recommended.

Konqueror is another browser for Linux that has excellent standards support.

Internet Explorer doesn’t render this site as intended. Blame its lack of standards compliance. I strongly recommend switching to one of the above browsers as Microsoft has ceased releasing newer versions of IE unless you buy their next version of Windows.

Have fun.