Updated 17/01/16

I am not a reptile dealer and the majority of the reptiles for sale will be those I have bred. Birth, parentage and feeding data will be supplied upon request. Occasionally, excess animals from other sources will be offered. The history of these reptiles, if known, will be related to buyers. Orders and deposits will be accepted for certain species.




Australian Green Tree Pythons

(Morelia viridis)



All GTPs are special, but they're not all equal! If you've done the research, you know to go with a quality lineage. These are offspring from stunning parents.


Yearlings - $1,500 each




Murray/Darling Carpet Pythons

(Morelia spilota metcalfi)



An underrated species. Great as pets and very hardy.



Hatchlings - $150

Yearlings - $200




Uluru Womas

(Aspidites ramsayi)



Beautifully coloured, stongly banded babies descended from Fyfe's original Uluru lineage. These are genuine locality Ulurus! Adults grow to over 1.8m. Great temperaments and feeders.



Yearlings - $250




Tanami Womas

(Aspidites ramsayi)



These pretty, mid-sized womas are ideal captive snakes. Easy feeders and breeders.



Yearlings - $250




SA Womas

(Aspidites ramsayi)



Big, impressive womas that can grow to over 2.5m in length. Rare in the wild, but can lay big clutches in captivity.



Yearlings - $250



Jungle Carpet Pythons

(Morelia spilota cheynei)

My best animals have bred for me and there are some stunning youngsters!

Yearlings - $200




Black & White Carpet Pythons

(Morelia spilota sub sp.)



These spectacular animals are not cheynei, but are a genetically distinct form from the Daintree region.



2 year old pair $500


If you would like to inquire about purchasing any of the above species, or if you have any reptiles of interest available, please e-mail me