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Current Classes:

I am currently taking a break for a few weeks from classes and will be repeating this series from late September 2008. Notices will be sent via Group Notices to let you know of future classes. Also, don't forget to check SL Events listings via secondlife.com web-page, or via inworld Search -> Events -> Education for class details.

PS - if you already have some building experience, don't despair; why not try some of the advanced building classes listed in Events?

Second Life Building Tutorials for Beginners

I have recently discovered the wonderful world of Second Life and slowly, but surely, increased my presence in this world. After 6 months of wandering around exploring, visiting art galleries, attending classes, making friends, dancing and windsurfing, I finally found my niche in Second Life: I love to teach.

Learning how to build was a daunting prospect for me; I left Help Island without having a clue about how to build! I wasn't even aware of what building in Second Life meant! It was a long, frustrating and at many times, a stressful journey until finally, one day, "the light bulb clicked". Now, I like to think that I am paying back all the wonderful (and patient) people who persevered and helped me to learn how to build from scratch.

Ready to Build

The Class Details page includes links to each week's class material and slides that were presented inworld during classes. Feel free to review the notes or if you want to clarify something I typed really badly during class :) If I still don't make sense, IM me inworld and I will do my best to respond.

The Class Projects page will include the instructions on how to build the class projects. These will be posted in the days after the actual class in case you want to build it on your own time.

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About This Website

This site includes my class notes and projects that I teach for new builders in Second Life and follows the content and projects as presented inworld. In addition, I hope these will assist those of you who are unable to attend my classes in person due to those pesky time zone differences.

As I live in Australia, my time zone is SLT +17 hours, with +/- 2 hours during daylight saving times :) LOL!

My To Do list for this site keeps getting longer.... but this is what I have on the list so far:

  1. More clean up work on the CSS for this site - needs to be prettier!
  2. Resize 300+ images to free up disk space on webhost as site is at 98% of my quota
  3. Current screen shots were taken with Viewer 1.18 - need to re-take all screen shots with the latest Viewer 1.21RC1
  4. Add 3-5 new projects to Projects page
  5. Re-write the Scripts class to include Mono compiling details and create new screen shots
  6. Add a few more classes that focus on the Object Tab and transforming prims
  7. Finish Advanced Textures Class notes!
  8. Content that needs to be added... somewhere: Camera Controls, Permissions, Default Actions, Material Type
  9. Clean out and re-write all the rubbish err, invalid code generated by Flickr and add a Flickr Badge with class photos to Home page

So, lots of busy work for me. LOL!!