South Australia is - - - Bigger than Texas!

Aldinga Beach in summer, not far from here - we just drive on and jive away
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South Australia is the southern (central) state of Australia, the driest state on the driest continent, but, we DO have some lovely beaches, many of which we can drive onto with our cars, and from there - well, we just throw some 'shrimps' (prawns) on the 'barby' (barbecue hot plate) and, enjoy some of the lovely fine wines from our district.

(Click on map to see South Australia, and where WE are!)  

Our region of Willunga, a history of Almond growing, and slate mining and more recently wine growing, in fact a rapid explosion of new vines planted in the last few years makes it one of the largest grape growing areas of Australia. Here is a view of the Willunga hills near where the township nestles at the base, taken in late winter overlooking the grape vines.

Willunga township nestles on the plain by foothills left of here - (out of view), this is our road looking south.

Our capital city is Adelaide, a lovely leafy city built up around one square mile and surrounded by parks and gardens. With a population of approx. 1 million, and the entire state of approx. 1 ½ million covering many small country towns, and farming communities.

Adelaide city, our picturesque city surrounded by parklands. [photo by Maxwell]

* For some lovely photos of Adelaide city environs see Maxwells link below; Tour

We live on a small farm of 6 Ha (15 Acres) in a rural area Willunga, adjacent to Aldinga and McLaren Vale about 45 kilometers south of Adelaide where the countryside is rural, mainly leafy vineyards near the coast  and lovely long white sandy beaches you can drive right on. (Good swimming and surfing too!)
There are over 50 Wineries in the district, and yes some lovely fine wines. As good as the Barossa Valley to the north east of the city.

My wife Jennifer competes in Dressage & rides within the regional events,
but has previously competed and placed in the Australian Dressage championships.
Jen riding Jackson

Picture left, Jen riding Jackson our current horse. (Jack de Frost) Quarter horse cross thoroughbred gelding, 16:hh

Look at my favourite;

Cobra kit car Red 69 Mustang


* new Cobra page added

Left is a replica (Shelby) Cobra V8 classic coupe, locally owned and built from a bare shell hh red car is Mustang 69.

See many classic Ford Cars, on next page(s).

  • * NEW: AC and 'Cobra' kit cars, like the Aussie Robnell Cobra fibreglass V8.
  • 60's and 70's Ford Mustangs.
  • * Page updated for Classic Rally cars, Mustangs and NEW Ford Capri Perana V8's.!
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See my photos of Almond & Prunus trees & blossom with this link.

* For more photos - of our district & beaches and our green valley in this gallery.


* Some useful links below related to our state,  (and see some car links on above 'Car' pages too);

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· The 'Lonely Planet guide' to South Australia & Adelaide

· Willunga National Trust, historic Buildings and local information about our town. (Another web site that I have done.)



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