There won't be a need for my self-indulgent home page for now. On December 9, 1998, Tash died. Shortly after she passed away, I turned this site into what it likely should always have been: a tribute to the greatest friend I've ever had. Almost two years after, I don't see any need to change it back. She was a terrific dog and I'm eternally grateful to fortune that we picked her up at the pound back in the early summer of 1987.

This photo (below) was taken after Tash had been spayed and been given the temporary hood. It's been 11 years, but I recall that she didn't really care for it very much.

Once Tash, in a rather goofy mood, ran about in the rain like a possessed canine and proceeded to stick her snout into the mud. Thank goodness that my sister was able to take a picture of this.

Looking ever so well from approximately 1987

Tash and me, taken during my last holiday season with her in Asheville, 1997

I don't think I could look much worse, but this photo (from, I think, about 1994) showed how she loved taking up so much of the bed.

As a young puppy (1987/88), lying on my sister's bed in the house in New Jersey

At the top of the stairs at the house in rural Maine, 1994. I tend to think that this was one of the moments when I bothered her with my attention. Mea culpa, Doggus! (yes, well, you see, somehow my brother called her "Doggus Aurelius" once and the name stuck for me)

Taken by my friend Jen in February 1997. She had a little grey on her face, but she never really looked her age. I suppose I can relate.

Another photo from last December in Asheville.

The last group photo of the six of us (five human, one canine)...

No doubt...the camera loved her. (This picture was taken during the construction of the new house in Asheville. My parents and Tash had moved into the house on December 1)

Normally, I try to use words to express what I feel, but they just won't work in this instance. Rest in peace, my friend.