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Diann and her younger clone, Dolly

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(Pssst: the bottom of Dolly's Cloning Emporium has a couple really essential science links...)


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Cloning Emporium


The Everglades
Islesboro, Maine
Farmlife, Virginia
Mystic, CT
Ghost Rigger


The Garden
The Kitty Foyer
More pets
Movies, videos, tv


Skewed Visions
SF Fandom


Hidden Treasures
The CT WebRing


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What's New
New additions, modifications, etc. at this website.

Dolly's Clothing, um, Cloning Emporium

Do you ever wonder about cloning??
Do you have a secret clone out there??
Do you believe that cloning is unethical, immoral, and fattening, or do you think cloning is the next best hope for humankind??
This site won't answer any of these questions.


I visited there August 1995. Travelog, commentary, photos, and links for the active or armchair traveller. (An extensive site, dating from my first venture onto the Web.)

The Everglades

I went down to visit my brother in Florida in early December.

Islesboro, Maine
Photos from long ago, but I loved the place!

Photos of sheep, goats, llamas, and angora rabbits on a farmstead in Virgina, visited in March of 1999. Here's a woman living the life she's always dreamed of living...

Mystic, Connecticut
More specifically, the Aquarium in that town. Mostly photos.

Ghost Rigger

Or, fun with photography. The original photograph was taken in Penobscot Bay, Maine, ages ago. (During an Ice Age???)

A photo that I'm rather pleased with, from a trip several years ago.

Space and Astronomy

Comet information, solar system links, odd commentary. Vicarious travel. Needs updating regarding current astronomical events, but then again we haven't had any remarkable naked-eye comets lately.

The Garden

My interests are reasonably organic; Connecticut clime, shade, herbs and flowers,with the scattered shade-tolerant vegetable. A few landscaping and garden photos.

The Kitty Foyer

Titania, Jebu, Ptarmigan, and some of the previous feline herd. Mostly photos; some yak-yak. There are never too many cats.

More Pets

A page with my housemate's cockatiel and one of my fish. Cat-tempters.

Assorted Writings

Loads of yak-yak. Humor, satire, and a touch of nature notes.
Updated sporadically.

Diann's Demented Observations

aka The Writing on the Wall. Occasionally sardonic, these are meant as quick takes on news items, events, and discoveries around the world. Very new; not many notes yet.


I don't use the TV except as a cat rest, so I have to have some form of entertainment available. This may be of interest to the eclectic and iconoclastic tastebud. No midi files (yet).

The Library

About books.
(Remember them?? Virtual websites made of dead tree pulp that one can read in the bathtub.)

Movies, videos, television

What little I watch.

Skewed Visions

A small collection of free graphics I've created, for your enjoyment. Mostly useful for backgrounds. Almost all were designed using PaintShop Pro.

Science Fiction fandom

Conventions, science fiction info, and a few other aspects of fandom.
This page seriously needs more attention. Perhaps I need to attend another convention for inspiration...


Prime egoboo.


Maybe you'll like some; maybe you won't.


Friends of mine who have their own Web Sites. Go visit!!!

Hidden Treasures: Diversions in the Web
Links to odd byways and backwaters on the Internet.
As well as references to web tech sites of interest, including several font sources.

A few bytes about Diann

Things you might not even care to know. I've never watched an episode of Seinfeld, for instance. Just never got around to it. (Plum ran out of time, too, unless I start catching re-runs.)

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Sign my Dreambook!

(This is a new guestbook; feel free to take the Plunge!)

"Being 'picky' isn't so much having discriminating styles and tastes for oneself; True Pickiness lies in deciding for others what those tastes should be for them."

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