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This site offers convenient internet access to news, searches, information, health, science, music, entertainment, travel, ecommerce, and more for free. Don't hunt for frequently needed URL's and load up your "Favorites" List on your browser. Just bookmark this page to launch many websites you want to visit.


 What on earth is happening? Are New Zealand and Italy a matching pair of boots? How are San Francisco, California and Brisbane, Australia related? In general, why are so many coastlines on earth congruent with other inverted-mirrored coastlines? The answers to these, and many other puzzling questions, lie in revolutionary discoveries by Howard Lawrence Schriefer in pursuit of a Unified Theory of the universe.



 It is observed that the sun pulses every 160 minutes. Scientists have studied this phenomenon since its discovery in 1962 by a group at Cal Tech headed by Robert Leighton. What are these solar pulses, what causes them, and what do they mean to us on earth?


 Since the time of  Isaac Newton, scientists have sought to find the force of gravity. They have measured an acceleration due to gravity. Still, they cannot find the force associated with the measured acceleration. Could it be that there is no such force as gravity; and, that the acceleration is caused by a heretofore unexplained natural universal phenomenon?


Bone Up on Arthritis RemediesA preliminary study on MSM and osteoarthritis conducted at the Oregon Health Sciences Center in 1997 found that the supplement provided pain relief equal to over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil.

Glucosamine: The Natural Facts More than 20 years of studies show that glucosamine sulfate relieves osteoarthritis symptoms, generally within six weeks.

Eyesight Without GlassesBill Sardi is a consumer advocate and health journalist who lectures on various topics in health and nutrition and is frequently heard on radio programs across the United States. He has worked as a consultant to the eye-care industry for more than twenty years. Sardi writes that cataracts and age-related macular degeneration are the most common vision-threatening eye diseases. Both interfere with vision and may lead to blindness. Yet many natural supplements, such as lutein and zeaxanthin, play important roles in protecting eyes. This "User's Guide to Eye Health Supplements" explains how these and other nutrients can reduce your risk of eye disease.


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160-Minute Solar Pulse   Not Solar Flare

Absolute Planetary Motion  Not Orbital Motion

Temperature Inconsistency
Time Inconsistency
Hysteresis Analysis & Black Holes
 World & Travel  

You'll never feel intimidated and awkward about the customs and etiquette of another country again. With the insights provided in this CULTURE SHOCK! Guide, you'll learn to see beyond the stereotypes and misinformation that often precede a visit to a foreign land. Whether you plan to stay for a week or for a year, you'll benefit from such topics as understanding the rules of driving and monetary systems, religious practices and making friends.

Culture Shock! Syria (Culture Shock!...


The Road from Damascus: A Journey...


Syria: Neither Bread Nor Freedom


Old Warsaw

Polish Recipes

Take a cruise for the free time of your life!




Father   By the time you recognize your father, he is a social relative. He may be close or distant, reserved or boisterous, a pal or a disciplinarian. You evaluate, and maybe judge, him originally when you are a very inexperienced child. However, the first years of your relationship with him do not completely consciously register in your mind. Eventually, if you are blessed, you begin to put it together. Your father is the man who gave you half of your being, your existence, your life. He, or some surrogate, gave you some more of his/her own life through support, care, instruction, advice, and affection. You can work hard to repay your father or a surrogate for services rendered since you were conceived; but, you cannot live long enough to repay your father for the gift of life – and repayment doesn’t matter to him – he loves you anyway, because you are OF him. If you are really blessed, you worked and rested with your father, You made each other laugh and, more importantly, smile. After he passes away, you learn about him at an accelerating rate. The story about your mother is much the same. Each of us has only one mother; and, each of us has only one father.

Understanding Catholics:

Sacramentals are religious objects and memorabilia which are used as reminders of our Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier, and those who followed the Will of God and propagated the faith to encourage others to do so. We do not worship the objects or what they represent except God Himself who is above and apart from created objects and items crafted by mankind; but rather, we have them as we have pictures of, and gifts from, our family, friends, and loved ones.

The more you know, the less you make!
We hear that knowledge is Power; and, Time is Money.                                               So, Let K = Knowledge, P = Power, T = Time, M = Money, and W = Work.
Then, since Knowledge is Power, K = P
And, since Time is Money, T = M
In Physics, Power is defined as Work divided by Time.
So, P = W/T
Substituting Knowledge for Power, K = W/T
Substituting Money for Time, K = W/M
Rearranging, M = W/K
Therefore, for the same Work, Money is maximized by minimizing Knowledge; and, Money is minimized by maximizing Knowledge!


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Why turn to a Professional Consulting Engineer in Private Practice?
  • The Consulting Engineer is YOUR Agent - from design through construction.
  • The Engineer is free to exercise professional judgment - without being subjected to outside influences.
  • The Engineer is an expert in the field - and has achieved that level of competence through practical experience coupled with completion of academic requirements.
  • The Private Practitioner looks for alternatives - because the nature of the profession and the purpose of the education and training is problem solving.
  • The Consulting Engineer is pledged to protect the public - above all other considerations.
  • The Private Practitioner is a Professional - and is proud of that Profession.

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