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Is there intelligent life here?
Earth from Skylab



Special Instructions for Use

Before you plunge any further, I would like to insert a word of explanation how I'm doing this. I will have a table of contents (see below) to guide you at the outset, so you can click on whatever seems to arouse your curiosity, then at the bottom of each excursion you can click to come back here. At the top you can click to get to the bottom of this.

There are many works contained herein, primarily of a metaphysical and literary nature (with a rather sly humor). Most of them are just a few pages long. The Book of No-Thing is a very long work for a Web site, equivalent to a book of over a hundred pages, broken into a number of different installments. Tales of Wayward Fools could be considered a separate website with a different overall theme, more literary than metaphysical, dealing with various characters on the fringe of society. Dogstar is a rather experimental novel, originally written in the early eighties and has been revised frequently since then. Some of this I may come back to and revise periodically (either in text or appearance), so what you see here are the drafts in progress. Special technical note: I might advise that you save the longer works as a text file in your word processor - they are much easier to read & manipulate that way!

One of these, Some Educational and Illuminating Links is a list of links to web pages off this site, and then you will go back into surfing on the wide ocean of the web. (Incidentally, if you would like me to include your webpage here, and if it is related to what's here, write me and I will be sure to include it. I would appreciate a reciprocal favor that you include something about this in your web page. We've got to stick together, you know.)

The reason I chose to put such a huge bulk of writings on the internet is because this is not the sort of writing that would be readily published, so basically this is a method of self-publication. I imagine other writers will start doing this, too. I forsee a time when quite a bit will become published this way. (There will probably be special laptops or talking computers that will make it easier to read or hear.) I choose to do it for free because I feel so strongly about what I have to say. If at least one of you encounters this and feels moved by the words herein, my work on this planet is done.

It would be best to approach this like a book. In fact, you may consider this an ongoing work in progress. I encourage you to participate by sending in your own thoughts and writings. If you have something to contribute which blends with this kind of thing, I would like to include it here. Eventually, I hope this may evolve into an E-zine and a kind of underground internet publishing network. Feel free to write to make suggestions or comments, exchange ideas, and/or send text files to me here.

Disclaimer: The Author takes no responsibility for what this may do to your preconceptions of the universe.


Short Pieces

A Parable about Mr. Yang and Ms. Yin
Chaos and Order have a quaint game of chess together.

A Little Essay about What Are We Doing Here
A discussion about evolution.

The Temple Perilous
A fiery metaphysical poem.

Ode to Venus
A sweet love poem to a nearby planet.

The Major Arcana
A series of short poem stories on the Tarot Cards.


The Book of No-Thing
This is an entire book about how the Cosmic Mind designed the universe. From the Big Bang through Evolution to Us and Beyond.

Tales of Wayward Fools
A series of short stories about various odd and unusual characters. Long enough to be a book in itself. Go ahead - try one out! It won't hurt you!

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Some Educational and Illuminating Links
Eclectic and useful connections to places a lot like this.

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